Working Papers
Ongoing Research
  • Agricultural Labor Productivity: Are Small-Holder Farmers Inefficient or Do We Overestimate Their Labor Input? (with Kathleen Beegle, Joachim De Weerdt & Amparo Palacios-López)  |  Abstract
  • Infant Nutrition and Children’s Growth and Mortality: Evidence from London’s Foundling Hospital, 1892-1919 (with Eric B. Schneider)  |  Abstract
  • The Gender Parity Database: A State-by-State Analysis of American Women’s Rights and Wellbeing, 1870-1970 (with Diana Greenwald)  |  Abstract
  • Weakness in Numbers? Female Wellbeing and the Scarcity of Women in the American West (with Diana Greenwald)  |  Abstract
  • What Determines Welfare Expenditure? Climate Risk, Mutual Aid, and Public Spending under Britain’s New Poor Law |  Abstract
  • Gender-Differential Investment in Infant Nutrition and Health: Evidence from a Marylebone Maternity Hospital (with Jane Humphries)  |  Abstract
Other Publications